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  • The Nadler Soho Standard Double
  • Robert Nadler
  • The Nadler Liverpool Superior Room
  • Robert Nadler
  • The Nadler Liverpool Exterior
  • The Nadler Kensington Exterior

About Us

“...the creation of the innovative concept of affordable luxury...”

The Nadler Hotels in west and central London, and The Nadler in Liverpool, are the original smart-luxury, design hotels, offering a 4 star hotel environment at an affordable price.

Since the launch of the brand, our ethos - “the bill you pay at check-out is what you thought you'd pay when you checked in” - has appealed to design conscious, independent, value-oriented guests, looking for a boutique hotel where they can stay within budget, without having to compromise on style or comfort.

We believe that achieving transparent pricing is very simple – we have always included VAT in the price - but the brand also avoids adding hidden extras at every touch-point. The result – our guests can work out in advance the precise cost of their stay.

The concept for The Nadler Hotels and The Nadler is simple - by editing out many of the 'discretionary' and rarely used traditional hotel facilities, such as a restaurant, gym and bar - we are able to keep our room rates low, whilst still offering high-spec rooms and suites.

Instead of these traditional facilities, our hotels are located in busy, stylish neighbourhoods buzzing with a choice of bars, restaurants, gyms and boutiques (many of which offer exclusive discounts for our guests!), perfect for any guest’s holiday in the city.

In addition, all our rooms and suites are equipped with mini-kitchens, with a microwave, sink, kettle and fridge, encouraging guests to bring in food from local shops and supermarkets and delivery restaurants, without any hotel mark-up. Each room also includes an entertainment directory, offering an interactive on-screen local guide to services and facilities, allowing guests to avoid the usual expensive and limited room-service options.

Hotels are ultimately about rooms. Whether it’s a business trip, romantic break, or weekend away, The Nadler Hotels Group concentrates on what guests really want from a comfortable hotel room – free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, contemporary interior-design, high quality IT including HDTVs with free internet access, high speed VPN broadband, ample power points (with European 220v), convenient workspace, great bathrooms, daily maid service, and most importantly, a comfortable night's sleep. Of course, we also have a 24/7 reception and concierge service too!

Not only does The Nadler Hotels Group ethos embrace the three aspects of sustainability, with the environmental agenda at the forefront, but by putting what guests want at the core of the concept and encouraging them to spread their spend amongst our neighbours and partners, economic and social sustainability are also promoted.

Meet The CEO

The Nadler, now Nadler Hotels, was created by entrepreneur Robert Nadler with backing from Sir John Mactaggart’s Western Heritable Investment Company Limited. He identified a new and growing demand from today’s design conscious, value-orientated guest, looking for boutique hotels offering style and comfort, with the best in high technology where the ‘edited’ service provision puts them in control of what they spend in a transparent manner, giving guests greater choice, independence and value.

“Apparently, only 10-15% of guests use their hotel’s restaurant, so why incur the cost of running that when people want to get out and explore the locality? It’s about social sustainability and putting something into the community which reflects on us. These other businesses were stunned when we told them we didn’t want a kick-back or a rake-off from the guests we sent to them. If people are happy with Nadler Hotels and spread the word, that is worth far, far more than a few pence from some other supplier.”

"Nadler Hotels, acknowledged as one of the innovators of the luxury budget hotel concept, opened their first hotel in Kensington, London to great acclaim in 2006.

Our concept is about value for money and not offering a room rate which rises as the extras pile up. Nothing annoys guests more, but if they feel they got more than what they paid for, the opposite applies. This is a long-term commitment to the customer, rather than a one-off deal you walk away from.”