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  • Going Green
  • Going Green

A Green and Eco-Friendly Hotel

The Nadler Soho is an eco-friendly hotel and has made a long-term commitment to minimising the impact that its operations have on the environment. The Nadler Soho concept has, at its core, the three principle elements of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Our green hotel policies and procedures include the following:

  • Energy saving light bulbs are used throughout the hotel
  • Brita Water Filter Taps - All rooms have been installed with Brita Water Filter Taps to encourage guests to refill their water bottles as an alternative to purchasing bottled water
  • Guests are encouraged to participate in our green policies by re-using their towels, if they wish to do so, having sheets changed less often, and to not use water in a wasteful manner
  • All rooms have electronic key operated power switches to reduce energy usage when rooms are unoccupied
  • We currently recycle 80% of waste
  • External, corridor and public toilet lights are sensor and timer operated so that electricity is not wasted in low-use hours
  • Our hot water boilers, cylinders & pumps operate only on demand and are therefore extremely efficient
  • Services management systems in place to control temperatures throughout the hotel
  • All staff are trained in environmentally friendly initiatives such as switching lights off in rooms not in use and avoiding using water in a wasteful manner
  • Where possible, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used
  • Our delivery requirements are half of those of a traditional hotel, and orders are consolidated, where possible, to reduce transportation costs
  • We offer Fairtrade tea and coffee in all mini-kitchens

Responsible Visitor Charter

At The Nadler Soho we understand that by making positive choices we can all reduce our effect on the environment. As a hotel guest, we welcome your support in assisting The Nadler Soho and London to become a more sustainable destination.

Please see below a number of tips on how you can play a big part in promoting good environmental practices:

  • Conserve Energy - reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if heating or air conditioning is on. The Energy Saving Trust provides information on what you can do at home.
  • Eat Local, Buy Local and See Local - support local producers and services, experience the true flavour of what England has to offer. We have secured discounts for our guests in many of the local restaurants, bars and cafes. Additional information can be sourced from our reception team.
  • Give Cars and Cabs a Rest - avoid cars, if only for the day. Many of London's attractions are within a short walk of the hotel, ask our reception team for directions.
  • Be Water Wise - Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and adhere to towel policies or other water saving initiatives.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Assist us by avoiding over packaged goods or say no to that extra carrier bag. The Nadler Soho currently recycles over 80% of it waste. For more information on what is currently recycled within the hotel, please ask one of our team members.
  • Support Green businesses - There are hundreds of businesses in London trying to reduce their carbon footprints through the Green Tourism for London Business Scheme. Businesses are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold for their efforts to be more sustainable.

A Sustainable Concept

The Nadler Soho hotel concept is environmentally sustainable through its procedures and policies as described above. We are economically sustainable, as we don't waste resources by replicating or creating under-utilised facilities that are better provided locally, and we are therefore able to offer economic value to our guests.

We are socially sustainable as we encourage our guests to use local businesses, facilities and service providers through the 'base directory and guide', so acting as a local economic multiplier.

We are always eager to hear our guests' views and comments so please don't hesitate to contact us