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  • The Nadler Soho Bespoke Tea Blend
  • The Nadler Soho Bespoke Tea Blend

The Nadler Bespoke Tea Blend

In partnership with Camellia's Tea House, home of exotic teas and herbal infusions, we are proud to announce The Nadler Bespoke Tea Blend!

Camellia's Teas are blended by hand and are designed by a team of homeopaths & nutritionists for general wellness or specific health benefits. They only use the highest quality pesticide-free and organic teas and herbs from specialist tea gardens.

Camellia's Tea House

Inspiration is drawn from Camellia Sinesis, which is the botanical name of the plant that produces white, green and black teas. In a way it is similar to wine production, as teas produced by different estates have specific "vintages" and different levels of quality depending on which leaves are harvested during the production process.

The Nadler Bespoke Tea Blend

We have created a soothing and delicious exotic fusion tea, full of fruity and floral notes; ideal for relaxing and a truly uplifting blend.

China Pai Mu Tan White Tea is also known as "White Peony". The organically cultivated tea leaves show many different shades of green and are fluffy with traces of longish, silvery-white leaf tips. This tea is one of the best-known Chinese white teas, because it has a wonderful spicy note producing a light brew and lovely amber infusion.

The Nadler Bespoke Blend combines white tea with rosebuds, rose petals, papaya pieces, currants, blackcurrants, blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, raspberries and natural flavouring.

On your next stay, please ask us at reception to try it and tell us what you think.